Jive Picks: Please don’t take my Moon Honey away… and more! #ListenLocalBR

moon honey

The NY Times oozed about Moon Honey’s “whirlwhind virtuosity.” Hear it live once more before they relocate to the City of Angels.

Support the Blues Foundation at their gala tonight (Thursday)! Kiss Moon Honey goodbye before they leave us for LA stardom on Friday! And many more options this week to #LISTENLOCALBR!


  • Early: Baton Rouge Blues Foundation Gala at Capitol Park Museum (6:30- 11:00pm, blues jam, buffet, gala and more– tickets are $35 but well worth it. Details here.)
  • Matt Wood and Caleb Caudle at Chelsea’s Cafe (singer songwriters)
  • Dolo Jazz Suite: Baton Rouge #15 (Mega Ran & K-Murdock) at Spanish Moon (hip hop/fusion/great Dig article on the show here.)



  • Early: American Thrift Summah Jam at the Legendary Noise Floor (7:00pm folk goodness: Ben Bell + Ryan Harris + Clay Parker + Eric Schmitt)
  • The Millburns/Little Radar/The Myrtles at Spanish Moon (rock, Dig article here)
  • Pacifico + Peter Simon at Chelsea’s Cafe (pop rock)


  • Early, FREE (donations accepted): The Wilder Janes at Unity Church (6:00 pm, folk, details here.)

And now for the clips!

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Jive Picks: EVERYBODY’s Music Release Party! It sure is good to be back…

album picks

You know, I’ve missed you so much. Yes, you. That’s why I’m so happy to be back posting here, just in time to tell you about three most excellent music release parties coming this weekend.  First, the emminently synth-wacky, 80’s-inspired new Prom Date album “Portraits” is out. And I’m not going to lie, I can’t stop listening to it, particularly their bouncy single “Good Morning, Boyfriend.” Their album release show Friday at the Spanish Moon with Baby Bee and The Van Der Beeks should be just as hypnotizingly fun as the recording.

Also Friday is the long-awaited release of funk staples Trailer Hounds’ debut album, with a huge party at Chelsea’s with Moonsugar and Captain Green. With free jambalaya (!!!), special guests, and beaucoup cd and merch giveaways throughout the show, this will be a perfect spot to get your groove on.

As if that were not enough, country rocker Jason Martin will be celebrating his new “Coming Home” EP release at the Spanish Moon with The Hitchhiker and The Widowers. Check out his music video below, and try to get the catchy guitar riffs out of your head. You can read a review of his new EP here.

Finally, DIG THIS: Jive Flamingo is putting on a huge concert series to draw in all the new kids as the come back to school. It’s called the– you guessed it– Back to School Concert Series!! More on that later, but you can read alllll about it here.  Please invite all the incoming students you know!

Without further ado, here are this week’s picks. For more details and selections, check the calendar. And #ListenLocalBR


  • Ye Olde Juke Joint Jubilee at Red Star (best folk/country acts in town, like Clay Parker, Ben Bell, Denton Hatcher… not sure who it will be this week, but it will be fun!)


  • Early: Red Dragon Songwriter Series presents Chris Hillman & Herb Pedersen at Manship Theatre (a couple of songwriting legends, including the founding member of the Byrds)
  • Prom Date’s Album Release Party with Baby Bee and The Van Der Beeks at Spanish Moon (synth pop/indie rock)
  • Trailer Hounds’ Album Release Party with Moonsugar and Captain Green (only the best in local funk)


  • Jason Martin’s EP Release with The Hitchhiker and The Widowers (country, rock)


And now for the clips!

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Artist Spotlight: AF THE NAYSAYER’s Premier Music Video

Check out upcoming BR Artist, AF THE NAYSAYER’s new music video, “Sunday”  produced by  Jim McKay & Outlander Productions.
The man behind AF THE NAYSAYER, Amahl Abdul-Khaliq, has been steadily gaining attention for his work with the hip-hop and jazz communities from BR to New York. He’s recently been featured on the cover of DIG Magazine for his involvement in the Dolo Jazz Suite, a monthly producer showcase that specializes in jazz and hip-hop influenced electronic music.
What piques our interest beyond the diversity of his sound is that Amahl is providing something essential to the local music scene that benefits us the whole musical community- independent entertainment with expert coordination. His shows are thoughtful, his projects are consistent, visually intriguing and well orchestrated, yet there’s an ease to it all that still feels homegrown.

So we just wanted to take a minute to say how much we appreciate the ingenuity, community, and professionalism by everyone involved. Keep working hard, it shows! To read more about the Dolo Jazz Suite, visit, www.dolojazzsuite.com or find them on facebook.

Jive Update: Farewell to Luke Ash and a much-needed break…


Farewell to Luke Ash, tonight at the Haven.

Hi all,

There are many great options on the calendar, but this week I wanted to call your attention to just one show— American Thrift presents To The Highway with Whistlin’ Luke Ash at the Haven Listening Room TONIGHT, Friday 6/19/14 (7pm, BYOB, donations accepted). I’ll let Jive Flamingo’s Ben Herrington explain the significance of the event.

Where did Baton Rouge music begin? For me it was on a Monday night on Chimes Street when I ran into Luke Ash and we started a second line around the bar playing SAINTS. Also around that time, whilst I was performing with Peter Simon on melodica and accordion, I heard Clay Parker for the first time on the back deck of North Gate Tavern (now The Library At Northgate). It was over at Chelsea’s Cafe one night when I heard Jacob Christopher Zachary and pretty soon I was hearing incredible performances from him and other folks at Haven Gallery and Listening Room, folks such Denton Hatcher, Jodi James, Ryan Harris, and Barrett Black. These folks wrote some of the most incredible songs I had ever heard, and they performed them mainly, it seemed, for their friends and for their family and to simply express themselves. I believe that the spirit of community and of musicians supporting and respecting one another that theses songwriters helped create here has continued and grown and multiplied. Even though many who carry the torch today are not aware of these guys, I believe what they started has now spread to all musical genres in our city. The musicians in Baton Rouge make the music that they want to make without trying to fit any preconceived notions or molds or impress any powers-that-be. And they support one another like nowhere else. Luke is moving to Montana but he will always be with us. Be there at the Haven on Laurel tonight. –Ben Herrington

Tonight you’ll hear the musicians mentioned above and more in a beautiful farewell tribute to one of our city’s best songwriters. It is sure to be a very memorable evening. For my part, I will truly miss writing Luke’s name so often on this blog and hearing his beautiful delivery of so many bone-cuttingly true songs. And I won’t stop putting Luke’s albums in the player when I’m in need of his authentically soulful lyrics and truly gifted melodic inventions. Thanks for all you’ve done for Baton Rouge music, Luke.

I hope you can all make Luke’s show at Haven tonight. As for the other nights this week, I hope you will check the calendar for more selections this week. There are no Jive Picks this week because I have decided for various reasons to take a break from this normally weekly post until August. The calendar will still be updated each Tuesday and we’ll still be making other posts, so don’t stop following up on Facebook and checking the calendar for selections! I’ll leave you with one of my favorite of Luke’s lovely songs.

Farewell for now,



Jive Picks: Saul Conrad, the Hitchhiker, Zenbilly and More! #ListenLocalBR

The Hitchhicker rocked JiveFest. Catch them tomorrow at the Varsity!

The Hitchhicker rocked JiveFest. Catch them Saturday at the Varsity!

Get your music on, BR. For more selections and details, check the calendar. #ListenLocalBR


  • Juke Joint Jubilee with folks like Clay Parker, Eric Schmitt, Melissa Wilson and Ryan Harris at Red Star (americana/folk/country)


  • Early: Saul Conrad at Chelsea’s (sidebar, folk, 7pm)
  • The Bedlamville Triflers + Zenbilly at Red Star (rockabilly/”demented pyschobilly”)


  • The Hitchhiker opens for Black Star Riders feat. Thin Lizzy Members (hard rock, we’re a big fan of the Hitchhiker)


  • Early, Free: Bloomsday James Joyce Celebration feat. Irish Music at Baton Rouge Gallery (6:30-9pm)
  • Free: Pelican House Allstars at Pelican House (small ensemble jazz)

And now for the clips!

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Jive Picks: Christopher Denny, Royal Teeth, Hot Summer Nights, Cool Jazz and MORE!

mud and water

Until it finds a new home, Mud and Water will live in our hearts. <3

In case you haven’t heard, Mud and Water’s physical home is no longer at 174 South Blvd. Opened in late 2012, Mud and Water’s unswerving dedication to top-notch original music was one of my main inspirations for starting Jive Flamingo, and I will dearly miss seeing shows at the venue. However, I am delighted to report Jeremy Woosley will continue Mud and Water as a production company while looking to relocate by the fall. In fact, tonight (Tuesday) is Mud and Water Productions’s first show at Red Star, featuring the talented singer songwriter Christopher Denny. Get out and support ‘em!

Other highlights this week include the start of another popular Hot Summer Nights, Cool Jazz series at LSU School of Music– get tickets now if any are left!

BONUS: Check the clips below for the killer new England in 1819 video featuring the LSU Tiger Girls and the Southern University Marching Band!

Here are the picks! Check the calendar for more selections and details and #LISTENLOCALBR! 


  • Early:  Christopher Denny at Red Star (8:00pm, singer songwriter)


  • Early, Free: Royal Cyclops Presents: Songwriters in the Round at Chelsea’s Cafe (7:30pm)


  • Early: Hot Summer Nights, Cool Jazz feat.  Phillip Manuel and Wess “Warmdaddy” Anderson at LSU Recital Hall (7:30pm)
  • Amy Andrews + the Rakers at Henry Turner Jr’s Listening Room (singer songwriter/ rock)


  • Early: Hot Summer Nights, Cool Jazz feat. Tony Dagradi and Steve Masaowski at LSU Recital Hall (7:30pm)
  • Royal Teeth/ Watchers/ Baby Bee at Varsity Theatre (pop/ indie rock)


  • Early: Greg Trooper w/ Don Hood at Red Dragon Listening Room (8pm, BYOB, singer songwriters)
  • SpeakEasy + 99000AD at Spanish Moon (funk/neo-soul)

And now for the clips!

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Jive Picks: Radiopalooza, Prom Date video release, Slomile Swift and more!!!


Radiopalooza is Saturday! Photo by Chelsea Layne

This week: Prom Date music video release party tonight, Captain Green does Zappa tomorrow, Radiopalooza on Saturday (96.9 WHYR free festival and fundraiser in North Blvd. Town Square) and way more! For more details and selections, check the calendar. #LISTENLOCALBR!


  • Early: Christian Lee Hutson w/ Denton Hatcher at Chelsea’s (7:00pm, singer songwriters)
  • Prom Date Music Video Release with Minos the Saint and Rareluth at Chelsea’s (electro-pop, chamber folk)


  • Captain Green does Frank Zappa at Varsity Theatre (funk/jazz fusion)
  • West Without + The Millburns at Chelsea’s (rock/ pop rock)


  • Early, FREE: Radiopalooza festival for WHYR 96.9 at North Blvd. Town Sqare (3:00-10:00pm, various artists, details here)
  • Early: Movies and Music on the Lawn: Denton Hatcher and the Soapbox Blues plays score to silent film Momma’s Boy on the lawn at Baton Rouge Gallery (8pm, alt country, details here )
  • Sweet Crude and Slomile Swift at Spanish Moon (cajun fusion/ electronic)

And now for the clips!

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