Funky, Funky Baton Rouge — River City Rewind series summons the ghosts of local music past

The Rakers, lead by Cook (pictured here) are mining BR's funky, funky past.

The Rakers, lead by Alex Cook (pictured here), are mining BR’s funky, funky past.

This Wednesday, local rock outfit and Adult Music Club spin-off The Rakers will be performing the second installment of their new series, River City RewindThe series, presented by Rob Chidester (aka Royal Cyclops Production, aka the guy who presents the wildly popular Drop the Needle series as well as many other great music events), gives the audience a glimpse of bygone times in Baton Rouge by digging into local music history to uncover– and cover– great songs from local artists of the past from a variety of genres. Wanting to know more about the project, I emailed The Rakers’ lead vocalist and songwriter, Alex Cook, to get the scoop.

Cook, who holds down a respectable day job as Presentation/Technology Instructor at the LSU School of Mass Communication, is also an accomplished freelance writer, music critic, and the author of a witty, fun, and indispensable local reference book, Louisiana Saturday Night: Looking For a Good Time In South Louisiana’s Juke Joints, Honky Tonks, and Dance Halls. His answers to my questions about the River City Rewind series sold me on its importance for the Baton Rouge music community, so I hope you will all get out, enjoy, and support this innovative series Wednesday night, 7:30pm at Chelsea’s sidebar.

Cover is $8. Songwriter Anna Byars will close the show. More details here. Now for the Q&A!

JF: How did the idea for the River City Rewind series come about?

Cook: This is an idea brewing for some time. I had a half-hearted promise that if the Rakers were going to do covers, they should be songs from Baton Rouge. We learned Lightnin’ Slim’s “I’m Grown” and Tabby Thomas’ “Popeye Train” early on and it’s gone from there.

Rob Chidester approached us about doing a monthly show at the Chelsea’s sidebar, so it seemed like a great time to put this into action.

JF: What is your goal for these shows?

Cook: I like this town and what it creates. I want to highlight the musical past we have and bring it into the musical present. There are plenty of people cataloging and performing every piano tune in New Orleans, every chank-a-chank performed in Lafayette. I just want to dig into what’s here.

For me, it also says something about culture and place. Every place is shaped by those that lived there and that history is worth knowing.

JF: Who is involved? Is this strictly the Rakers or are others joining in?

Cook: We love having guests. For the first installment, we brought in our friend Kevin Hurstell, member of a number of great Baton Rouge bands in the last twenty years – Slobot, Star Drag, Frozen Bears as well as his current band Too Many Numbers. They closed the set. Our drummer Jamye St. Romain wasn’t able to practice the Rewind numbers, so Kevin sat in on drums and then he played guitar and sung some of his songs. He asked me to sing his song “I Am Barry Bonds” which is a thrill – it’s a brilliant tune.

We brought in Arisia Gilmore on [french] horn to augment one of our tunes and one of Kevin’s, and I thought that added a real glow to the songs. I love bringing people into the fold. I’d eventually like to get a lot of local musicians involved in this.

JF: What’s the show format?

Cook: We do a short set of our original material, a 30-minute Rewind set and then have a special guest close the show. This week we have Anna Byars. people are familiar with her band Polly Pry, but I first got to know Anna when she fronted the Anna Byars Band. She is a brilliant guitarist and great songwriter, one of those people brimming with music.

JF: What bands will be covered this week?

Cook: It’s a diverse set. We are going to do a Mary Gauthier tune – she isn’t from here but got most of a philosophy degree at LSU before moving up to Boston. She’s actually playing the Red Dragon that same night, so I like the idea of running a musical wire across the city like that.

We have a couple of blues tunes, a Silas Hogan number that our guitarist Leon LeJeune has been dying to do, as well as “Prisoner’s Talking Blues” by Scotlandville’s Robert Pete Williams originally recorded while he was in Angola on a murder charge. The story goes that the governor was so moved by this song that he was pardoned so he could play the Newport Folk Festival.

We have a number by the Greek Fountains, one of BR’s beloved garage rock bands and one by Butch Hornsby, a storied raconteur – kind like Gram parsons crossed with Jerry Jeff Walker. Butch Hornsby is one of city’s real treasures. They ought to put up a statue of him strutting down State Street.

As a joke, I wanted to do a Kyper song. Kyper was a popular bumpin’-in-da-club rap/dance band in the ’80s. Everyone I mentioned that idea to totally lit up, going “XTC XTC… wanna hold your body next to me…” so I kicked it to the band and they leapt full into it. I never thought the Rakers as a band you could jack your body to, but get ready…

JF: Any real gems you’ve covered or are looking forward to covering?

Cook: The Shit Dogs tune we do is a hit; we’ll definitely cover more of their tunes. I think we should at one point be the Shit Dogs for a Halloween show. But there are countless tunes I want to do. Buddy Stewart (of Buddy Stewart’s Rock Shop fame) had a band called the Herculoids that I’m dying to emulate. Who doesn’t want to be a Herculoid?

I picked up a compilation called “Funky Funky Baton Rouge” at a record stand at the flea market that has a couple tunes by a psychedelic soul band Black Blood and the Chocolate Pickles that I’d really like to do.

JF: How are the musicians approaching song interpretation?

Cook: We try to make a song our own while still tapping into the essence of the original. I think that is key to doing a cover. I’m really lucky to get to play with this band. We all bring our own musical histories to the table which is what gives us our sound. The running tag line is that we are a “drinking’s man’s thinking band” because that allows us to pull country and blues and rock and punk and whatever in the service of doing songs we like about characters we all know and love. The Baton Rouge songs fit right into that, bringing some of these past artists back to life.

JF: What’s surprised you most about this effort so far?

Cook: Partly that we can pull it off. For most of us, we’ve never been in a band before, so this is a chance to get all our band ya-ya’s out – do R&B and garage rock and punk rock and country all within one band and have it make sense. Also, I love how people look when they remember a song that once meant something to them, something as seemingly innocuous as a Kyper tune that someone heard at that teen club by Cortana opens up a flood of memories. Music is there your whole life.

JF: What are your future plans and hopes for River City Rewind?

Cook: I really want to dig into the city’s R&B past, as well as make a connection with a number of the soul and gospel musicians that still play in north Baton Rouge and introduce that whole scene to a new audience. Not because I am a cultural pioneer or anything – they are the ones who make the music, and I want to hear it and play it. We have a ton of great music in our past that I still want to hear.

Jive Picks: The Highlander, Prospect 3+, Darrell Scott The Last Juke Joint Jubilee and MORE!

Yayyyyyy!!!! Highland Coffees is saved! Thanks to all of you who volunteered, organized, signed the petition and otherwise supported this great cultural institution! And now it’s time to celebrate with The Highlander,  a FREE music fest tomorrow night at Highland Coffees featuring lots of the hottest local bands, including one of my newest folk scene favorites, a cello-vocal-guitar trio called Ship of Fools.

p.3In other news, the gigantic art biennial Prospect out of New Orleans is taking over with a regional extension in Baton Rouge, Prospect 3+, and Jive Flamingo is proud to be a part of it. We’re presenting a preview of an ambitious new project called Songwriters in Symphony with Pacifico, Minos the Saint, and Jodi James this Saturday at 1:30pm as part of the Walls‘ Project’s twelve hour reception for Prospect 3+ at their location on the first floor of the South Chase Tower (451 Florida St.). Please come out and hear some music and be a part of Prospect 3+. Details here.

Finally, on a bittersweet note, tonight is the last night of the weekly Juke Joint Jubilee at Red Star Bar. No cover tonight, so be sure to stop by and enjoy Clay Parker, Eric Schmitt, Ryan Harris and Melissa Wilson’s last performance in this special recidency!


  • No Cover: Juke Joint Jubilee at Red Star Bar (country, folk) 
  • To Kill a Party at Hound Dogs (hard rock)


  • Early: Red Dragon Listening Room presents Darrell Scott with Patrick Cooper at the Manship (singer songwriters– Darrell is a legend who has written songs for many stars )
  • Early, FREE: The Highlander Music Festival at Highland Coffees ft. Gardens, Minos the Saint, Burris, Levee Daze, Jetlagger, Ship of Fools, Molly Taylor, Caroline Schaff (4pm-midnight)
  • No Cover: Nice Dog & Viridian Sons at Northgate Tavern (rock)
  • Royal Teeth + Super Water Sympathy + The Widowers at Varsity (pop/rock)


  • Early, FREE: Prospect 3+ Opening Reception at the Walls Project (noon-midnight; various artists; see the calendar or the Facebook Event for more details)
  • Hazy Ray + Burris at Chelsea’s Cafe (rock, funk)
  • Rootbeer and Mermentau + White Heat at Spanish Moon (rock)


  • Early: LSU Gospel Choir with Southern University Gospel Choir at the LSU Union Theatre (7:30)
  • Early: Pacifico at Red Star Bar (8:30, pop rock)

And now for the clips!

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JIVE PICKS! Spanish Town Market 100th / Anton Zholondz / Black Joe Lewis / MORE!

Spanish Town Market 100th


Ray Bookbinder at Red Dragon Listening Room – 8pm BYOB (singer-songwriter)

Anton Zholondz Trio at Lock & Key Whiskey Bar – 9pm – (jazz violin)

Black Joe Lewis w/ T.J. Black and Denton Hatcher at Chelsea’s Cafe – 10:15 (blues/Americana)


The Doctors and the Lawyers at Chelsea’s Cafe – 10:15 (alternative/rock/jam)


FREE: Sunday in the Park – Chubby Carrier at North Blvd. Town Square – 2-5pm (zydeco)

FREE: Spanish Town Market 100th Anniversary Celebration ft. St. Frantic, Adult Music Club, Minos the Saint, Righteous Buddha – noon-6pm

Boo! Quick Picks for your Halloween Weekend!


TONIGHT at Chelsea’s!

THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who made Wednesday night’s Monster Jam so much spooky-magic-fun! Nicholas Martino was out taking photos, and I can’t wait to share those with you. Also, special thanks to JF’s Chelsea Layne (who pretty much invented and implemented the entire night), all the musicians and artists, who came out, Dizzy Arts and our awesome volunteers. I can’t name everyone, I know, but Chelsey Gonzalez and Lauren Cross, you ladies definitely deserve a shoutout.  Now we have lots of fun options for you to scare up a good time tonight. Do it! And check the calendar for more selections. #LISTENLOCALBR!

FRIDAY (show up in costume!):

  • 1st Annual Halloween Hullabaloo at Chelsea’s (variety)
    • Pacifico is Nirvana
      Denton Hatcher is Elvis Presley
      Gold Beneath the Highway is Fleetwood Mac
      Rootbeer and Mermantau is The Misfits
  • Halloween A Go-Go: Two Headed Dog & Zenbilly at Red Star (psychobilly)
  • Lagniappe Records After Hours presents: Thou on Halloween Night! (sludge/ doom)


  • Early: LSU Opera presents Mozart’s DON GIOVANNI at Music & Dramatic Arts Building (7:30)
  • Tera Melos & Listen, Earth at Spanish Moon (experimental rock/ambient)


  • FREE: Sunday in the Park- Seth Walker at North Blvd. Town Square (2-5pm, blues)
  • Early: LSU Opera presents Mozart’s DON GIOVANNI at Music & Dramatic Arts Building (4pm)

And now for the clips (Seth Walker, Thou, Tera Melos, and some silly Halloween things! Happy Halloween!

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Are you ready for tonight?!?!!! Check out WAFB’s Samantha Morgan’s excellent write-up on Jive Flamingo and TONIGHT’s (Wednesday) big Monster Jam with TAUK, Onion Loaf, Trailerhounds, and an ALL-STAR local jam. And for a little lagniappe, we’ll have Dizzy Arts with us featuring work from local visual artists! Get all the details here. And remember- your first drink is free if you’re in costume! So come get funky with us! And make sure you’ve liked us on Facebook and are following @jiveflamingo on Instagram and Twitter! And #LISTENLOCALBR !


Jive Picks: Ben Sollee, Naughty Professor, Dolo Jazz Suite, Shannon Whitworth and MORE!

monsterjamHuge thanks to Twisted Oak Music Festival for having us last Friday night! The Fest was a great success for art music in Baton Rouge, and we can’t wait untill next year!

This week we have plenty of solid live music options for you, plus a hot new EP from England in 1819, Summer Lightning, that you should definitely check out:

And mark your calendars for the next JF event next Wednesday at Library Northgate: we’re having a huge MONSTER JAM with our local funk scene superstars and a dirty funk-rock headliner, TAUK, who has been tearing up the big festivals. Come to the party in costume, and get a free drink! Beat that with a stick.

Now it’s time to get on with the music. Check the calendar for more selections, and #listenlocalBR!

MULTIPLE PERFORMANCES: Choir Boy at Hartley Vey Theatre (Thurs-Sun., play/musical with gospel music and progressive themes, check the calendar for details)


  • Early: Royal Cyclops Presents: Drop The Needle – “Naturally” by, JJ Cale at Chelsea’s Cafe (local artists present this historic album, 7:30pm)
  • Shannon Whitworth + CJ Solar at Red Dragon Listening Room (8pm singer songwriter/ BYOB)
  • Dolo Jazz Suite at Spanish Moon (hip hop/fusion)


  • Early: Ben Sollee at the Manship (7:30 pm, singer songwriter/cellist)
  • Naughty Professor & Flowtribe at Chelsea’s Cafe (funk)
  • Denton Hatcher & Friends at Lock & Key Whiskey Bar (Americana/blues/soul)


  • New Earth Army, Lucky Costello, & Captain Green at Chelsea’s (funk/jazz/blues)
  • Henry Turner Jr. and Flavor at the Blues Room (blues/reggae))


  • Early,FREE: Sunday in the Park- Damon Fowler at North Blvd. Town Square (2pm, blues/ rock)

And now for the clips!

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